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Where does the rainbow take you?

RaInbows! I love them! It’s a rare occasion to see them. When I’ve been blessed with their appearance, I’ve always associated good luck and happiness with them. But that explanation often left me with a feeling of emptiness, like there was more to it that I was missing.

I had an “aha” or Miracle Moment (that’s what I call “ahas”) just recently when a beautiful rainbow appeared. I was turned looking at my husband, as he was driving down the highway, rattling on in excitement about my new website design. When suddenly a rainbow appeared in the direction I was looking. The feeling I received immediately was that the rainbow was affirming to me about my business venture. Confirming that I was making the best choices moving forward on my path. That my ideas were in tune to my higher self and life path.

When a rainbow appears, we can only see part of it. But if you were up in the sky viewing it, you would be able to see the whole rainbow, which actually makes a circle.

Circle—No beginning or ending, just as our soul. My interpretation of the segment of the rainbow that we can see, represents our current path in life. The rainbow is not complete, just as our life path is not complete. We are continually on a path, hoping we are moving in the direction of our highest good. A rainbow sighting confirms to me I am moving forward in the direction attuned to fulfilling my life path. That all is well, keep going.

So now I will be noticing what I am thinking or talking about when I am blessed with a rainbow again. As there are no accidents, just synchronicities playing out in our lives. But that’s a whole other blog for another day.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

May you be blessed with many rainbows and Miracle Moments in your life.

May your light shine bright,

Darla Thrasher


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