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Heart Intelligence

Heart Intelligence provides breakthrough research linking the physical heart to the spiritual (energetic) heart. This book provides simple techniques for accessing our heart's intuitive intelligence for moment-to-moment guidance and discernment. 


Better Sleep

A hot bath. A glass of milk— if you are dealing with sleeplessness you know that these home remedies are just not enough. HeartMath's twenty years of research brings you a holistic solution to the issue of sleeplessness by training you to reset your natural sleep cycle.


Transforming Depression

Learn how to tap into new resources of energy and creativity and find new ways to connect with the people in your life. In no time, your feelings of depression will lessen and dramatic changes will take place in your mind and body that will result in better health and greater peace of mind.


Transforming Anger

If you are dealing with anger you can't quite seem to manage, this book can give you hope, as well as practical tools to successfully handle this emotion. You'll learn that the heart provides a unique access point from which anyone can regulate many of their reaction patterns.


Transforming Anxiety

Anxiety has become rampant in today's fast-paced society. Why this is occurring and what individuals can do to overcome fear and worry and create more serenity, especially during uncertain times, is the important subject matter of this book.


The HeartMath Solution

This book explains the vital connection between the heart and mind and how we can utilize this powerful partnership for living a truly authentic and heart-centered life. By understanding and tapping into our heart’s intelligence, we learn how we can have more impact on our emotions, our mind, and our health and well-being than we ever thought possible.


Transforming Stress

Countless articles and studies tell the same story: lives controlled by unmanaged stress end early and none too well. This book describes a simple, straightforward method readers can learn and practice to literally transform stress by shifting the heart's own rhythms.


Transforming Stress for Teens

A simple-to-use skill set you can count on any time is invaluable for today's teenagers who face tremendous pressures in an uncertain and complex world. Teens are experiencing harmful, life-diminishing and draining stress at school and home, yet thousands are thriving with the widely acclaimed solutions in HeartMath's new book, Transforming Stress for Teens.


Heart Brain Coherence

When your heart and brain are in balance, you feel balance in your inner and outer life. Receive a free heart/mind balancing session with Darla when you purchase a HeartMath Sensor from HeartMath. Darla is a Certified AddHeart Facilitator. Click the HeartMath logo for more information. You'll be directed to the HeathMath website to order direct.

Release your inner turmoil. Freedom is just a click away!


HeartMath LLC

Inner Balance Bluetooth Sensor for iOS and Android devices

Take charge of how you feel! The Inner Balance™ Bluetooth sensor for Android and iPhone trains you to shift and replace emotional stress with emotional balance and coherence.

Learn practical, scientifically validated methods to live a more rewarding, healthy and productive life. HeartMath's award winning emWave® Pro and emWave2 and the Inner Balance™ Trainer technology products offer a drug-free solution to stress, anxiety, sleep issues, depression, and more.

HeartMath’s work and research has contributed to a deeper awareness of how emotions impact every aspect of our lives, affecting everything from the quality of our health and well-being to our relationships and the decisions we make each day.

With dozens of published articles and papers, and  several hundred independent peer-reviewed studies, there is a rich body of science validating the effectiveness of HeartMath’s science-based methods.

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