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Energy Psychology

EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is a scientifically proven energy modality that is a combination of modern psychology and ancient Chinese acupressure. It is referred to as EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique.

By gently tapping on specific energy meridian endpoints on your body, EFT quickly gets to the heart of any issue.
Tapping relaxes your nervous system which is the first step to calm your amygdala. By calming your amygdala, your body gets out of stress mode. When your body energy moves from feeling stress to feeling safe and secure, your innate, natural healing mode is activated.

This is when the true miracles begin. You can release trauma and emotional blocks with tapping techniques immediately. Most people notice relief during their first session.

EFT has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety, depression, PTSD and

help autoimmune disorders. EFT is also beneficial for anyone trying to break addictive habits or self sabotaging thought patterns.

Anything you are trying to achieve in your life, EFT can help you attain it.

You will face your greatest opposition when you are

closest to your biggest miracle.

Dawson Church

Founder of EFT Universe

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