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MiraclesAbound® Energy Session



Instantaneous healing, immediate healing with no allopathic intervention is my passion. We all have the Divine gift to heal ourselves. It's easy to forget this when our energetic vibration gets low and out of alignment. 

Raising and aligning your vibration yourself can be difficult when you are not feeling well or overwhelmed with stress. Once anxiety or stress mode kicks in, your connection to the Divine is hindered, or at least you feel it is. It's important to keep your vibration elevated and aligned for a less stressful life. The lower your vibration, the more turbulent your life will seem. You will struggle more with decisions when stress overwhelms your energy field and lowers your vibration.​

This is where the high vibration of a Miracles Abound® Energy Session can help. Remember, by raising your vibration, you have the ability to realign your energy and easily connect to your Divine energy-- where you are already whole and complete 24/7. 

55 minute Sessions via Phone or Zoom. 

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