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Grasshoppers–A spiritual Leap Forward

The other day as I was walking through my yard carrying groceries in, a grasshopper jumped on me. Landed right on my shirt, on my solar plexus. Whoa, how cool I thought, first, that it was a grasshopper, secondly, the significance of where it landed.

My belief is that when an animal appears in your world, it is time to stop and become aware of what’s going on in your world. When I say animal I’m referring to all creatures, great and small, insects, spiders, etc. The animals hold special spiritual meanings (messages) for us. The fun part is decoding what their message is. Sometimes it’s very evident, other times it takes alittle while for things to play out in your life for you to get the message.

Grasshoppers to me represent a huge leap forward, up and forward motion. Up is important as you always want to move your vibration upward. We always want to move forward, not backwards on our path. Stepping backwards is like reverting to bad habits/negative thoughts. Grasshoppers jump and cover a lot of ground quickly, they can jump far without touching the ground. This represents a huge leap forward in your spirituality without resistance and obstacles. Yahoo, who doesn’t love that idea! Jumping right over your negative self talk, and any negative influences around you!

The solar plexus message of where he landed, has to do with self worth, and loving myself enough to follow my heart. What a coincidence, as this just happened to be at a very crucial time for me. I was in the mist of preparing my Miracles Abound launch, which has been a long time coming. My self doubt of people believing what I have to share and give to the world is all solar plexus work. Opening yourself up for the world to read takes a lot of guts and self courage, as not everyone will agree with your beliefs. But that’s okay, because to the ones that do believe, they get it and know I just shared a miraculous moment. The more people we can make aware of all the miracles that are abound–around us, just waiting to happen, the more opportunities for miracles there will be. Remember, what you focus on manifests in your world!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog to the end. May a grasshopper land on you soon, so you too can feel the force of a huge leap forward without resistance.

May your light shine bright,

Darla Thrasher


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