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Now available for purchase!
My Daily Inspirational Messages.
45 Card Deck & Guide Book

A simple yet impactful
way to start your day!


Become aware of where you
are blocking your light.
Schedule a Mystic Reading
and expand your light.

 Energy Readings allow messages to come in and offer clarity to any questions you may have.

Do you believe in miracles?

Did you know that miracles surround us constantly and are just waiting to be released?

Sounds too easy, I know, but it’s true. All it takes is your awareness of the fact that we are creating continuous miracles constantly, with every thought.


Faith, hope and belief are needed, but most of all--

you must love yourself enough, to want to heal yourself.  


Whether you have a physical ailment aching to heal or just a desire to unleash your wildest dreams…..
It doesn’t matter, both use the same path to manifest.


When you release your emotional blocks, by processing them, miracles can happen. Allow me to assist you in manifesting your dreams, by applying MiraclesAbound® Energy Techniques.


Do you love Gemstones?

If so, you are going to love my new gemstone, infrared mat now used for in-person sessions! I purchased this mat for myself and family. We have been using it and noticed improved moods, less anxiety, less inflammation and overall general wellbeing. I was so blown away by the energy attained when using while meditating, I've added it to my MiraclesAbound™ Energy Alignment Sessions! This mat has 5 features you can use all at once or just 1 modality at a time. My favorite feature is the 3 different gemstones that are used in the mat. When heated, these stones produce negative ions and too many benefits to list here. To read more on all the benefits click the image. You'll be directed to another site for more info. If you choose to order your own, use my coupon code: VibrantGift for free shipping! Contact me to schedule an in-person session to try out!

When your heart and brain are in coherence,

you have harmony in your outer and inner world. Experience the freedom today.

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